Vison & Mission

To deliver the utmost quality and innovation propelling us to exceed our customers expectations in everything we do.


  • Build lasting partnerships centered on integrity
  • Pursue growth and learning through technology and innovation
  • Embrace and drive positive change
  • Establish a company culture of cohesive teamwork to stimulate effectiveness
  • Have a deep commitment to customer satisfaction
  • Value customer feedback
  • Foster an atmosphere of respect and mutual trust


I believe that in order to be a truly successful company, you need to have 1 unique product in which to focus on. For over 35 years, Portocork has focused solely on providing only natural cork. Not only are we committed to continuing this tradition, but we strive each day to offer the best in class customer service, the best technical expertise and the best product performance in the industry. With a commitment to research and development, product innovation and continued excellence in customer service, it is my desire that Portocork will continue to be the reference for natural cork in North America for the next 100 years! – Dustin Mowe