Natural Cork Stoppers

Our natural cork stoppers are available in a full range of grades to meet the needs of every wine program; from visually nearly-flawless (for luxury wines, capable of extended aging) to value-priced for faster rotation wines. All grades and sizes are available in our standard “Nova” or “Natural” washes or by special order in our exclusive “Eco” wash.

All our natural stoppers are now treated with the Naturity™ process: the world’s best anti-TCA technology and the culmination of five years of research and development. Through this revolutionary process utilizing a combination of high pressure and vacuum, varied temperatures, purified water and time, Naturity™ separates TCA molecules from cork’s cellular structure, keeping the crucial features of this unique material intact and its remarkable performance, essential to the protection and evolution of wine, unchanged.

With Naturity™, we combine the benefits of technology with cork’s unbeatable cellular structure to provide the highest performing cork stopper in the market today.