CWine Micro-Agglomerated Cork

CWINE is the solution to wineries growing necessity for consistency, control, and confidence that every cork will deliver their product in the way it is intended.

Utilizing Supercritical CO2 via it’s Thor Technology, CWINE guarantees the eradication of TCA below quantifiable limits (<.3ng/l) and the extraction of over 150 other undesirable compounds that are found in cork.

CWINE offers the winemaker 3 levels of permeability to give the winemaker total control over the evolution of the wine while it ages in bottle.

Utilizing cork granules ranging from .5 to 2mm allows CWINE closures to maintain the natural dimensional return of the cork and minimize the amount of binder needed in the cork.  CWINE is a C.E. Liege certified natural cork with a minimum content of 75% cork.

For more than 250 years, we have manufactured cork stoppers for the wine sector with a philosophy based on respect for nature and using advanced technologies to ensure the maximum quality of their product.