The cork is the final guardian of the wine we have labored hard and long to make as close to perfect as possible. As such, it is hugely important.
I can tell you from my heart that I have never worked with better corks than the ones from Portocork. The only thing possibly better is – the delightful and efficient people we get to deal with there.

We will be with them forever.

Manfred Krankl

With the 250 winemaking decisions we must make every vintage, it is always a relief that the decision to use Portocork is a simple one.  These corks play the strict role of a closure and never that of an ingredient.  The cork must be present, no doubt, but must remain in the background to the product we as winemakers put to bottle. For 15 years Portocork has delivered the promise of excellence and quality, and of their corks remaining inert…. And as a plus, their customer service is bar none.

Kirk Venge
Owner, Venge Vineyards and KV Wines Consulting

Portocork consistently delivers corks that meet our standards.  We rely on their quality control procedures and at times, re-subject potential lots to our own rigorous sensory screening.  This working relationship gives us the confidence that we are getting the best corks available.

Andy Erickson
Consulting Winemaker

In all my years of making wines in the Napa Valley there is one thing I have not changed – the company for which I buy my cork!  For me it’s clear – The highest quality, excellent customer service and commitment to getting me the best possible protection to my wine comes from Portocork!  I have used them exclusively in each project I have been involved with for more than 15 years and wouldn’t have it any other way.

Francoise Peschon
Consulting winemaker

From the time it takes to make our 5-year aged barrels, to the time it takes to plant a vineyard and having it perform to our standards – it’s a nine year journey! This journey ends with the cork that goes into our bottles and we expect  nothing but the best. That’s why we have relied on Portocork to deliver all our corks at DAOU since the beginning.  Portocork has delivered leading edge corks and incredible service to our winery year after a year.

Daniel Daou 
Winemaker & Co-Proprietor 
Daou Vineyards & Winery 

We have a very long lasting relationship with Portocork.  We have been impressed by their leadership in the cork industry, commitment to quality with the constant spirit of research and innovation to deliver the best product possible which goes hand to hand with our philosophy.

Jean-Francois Pellet
Pepper Bridge Winery, Amavi Cellars