Icon Certified

As the leading supplier of natural cork, we have always made it a priority to provide the highest quality product to our customers. Now, with the launch of our ICON CERTIFIED screening process, we are taking it to a whole other level. With ICON CERTIFIED utilizing NDtech, we are able to screen each cork in a matter of seconds to single out and remove any that may have a detectable amount of TCA.

With this new technology, we are able to offer the world’s first natural cork with a non-detectable TCA guarantee.* WITH ICON CERTIFIED UTILIZING NDTECH, WE ARE ABLE TO SCREEN EACH CORK IN A MATTER OF SECONDS TO SINGLE OUT AND REMOVE ANY THAT MAY HAVE A DETECTABLE AMOUNT OF TCA

High Tech Quality Control

What you get is natural cork with an unprecedented quality control level that effectively eliminates the risk of cork taint by ensuring that if any TCA remains present in the cork, it is below the detection threshold of 0.5 nanograms/liter.*

ICON CERTIFIED, utilizing NDtech screening, coupled with our existing preventive, curative and quality control methods will provide a risk-free stopper… guaranteed.* AN UNPRECEDENTED QUALITY CONTROL LEVEL THAT EFFECTIVELY ELIMINATES THE RISK OF CORK TAINT *releasable TCA content below the 0.5 ng/L quantification limit; analysis performed in accordance to ISO 20752

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